Shidogakuin: Kendo and Iaido in New York

Our History

Originally founded in 1984, for over 30 years, our dojo has been practicing the arts of Kendo and Iaido under the instruction of Kato-sensei


In Japanese, the word kendo literally translated means "way of the sword" ("ken" = sword, and "do" = the way). It is the traditional Japanese art of full-contact fencing developed by the Samurai.


Iaido is the martial art of drawing and cutting with a katana - either an unsharpened practice blade or the real thing. In iaido, a practitioner executes set forms, or kata, against an imaginary opponent.

Basic non-bogu class changes

Non-bogu basic class for Shidogakuin's Harrison dojo will be cancelled for Tuesday, June 3rd and Tuesday, June 11th.