2012 AUSKF Iaido Summer Camp, Taikai, and Shinza in Tacoma, Washington

A report from the 2012 AUSKF Iaido Nationals, from June 21 to June 24.

This year's annual AUSKF Iaido Nationals were held in Tacoma, Wash., hosted by the Pacific Northwest Kendo Federation, with the majestic Mt. Rainier as a backdrop.

The two visiting instructors from Japan were Masahiro Yamasaki sensei, iaido Hanshi 8 dan, and Masao Tsugane sensei, iaido Kyoshi 8 dan. It was Yamasaki sensei's fifth time at the AUSKF nationals and Tsugane sensei's first time. Many thanks to both sensei, who imparted a wealth of knowledge during the hard training. And many thanks to all the sensei who attended, including Kato sensei.

Shidogakuin performed well during the 2012 AUSKF Iaido Championships on June 23, with Debi Farmer clinching the Nakanishi Cup (4 dan and above division) and Aram Kailian earning the Yamaguchi Cup (2 dan - 3 dan division).

Final results are as follows:

Mudansha Division (2 kyu and below)

  • 1st Place: Jeremy Wong San Jose - NCKF
  • 2nd Place: Peter Alexander Rocky Mtn Budokan - RMKIF
  • 3rd Place: David Aguero Salinas - NCKF
  • 3rd Place: Narbeh Bagdasarian Pasadena - SCKF
  • Kantosho: Douglas Benton ZenBuKan - RMKIF

Murosako Cup (1 kyu and 1 dan)
  • 1st Place: David Lau San Jose Iaido - NCIA
  • 2nd Place: P. Sean Henderson Rocky Mtn Budokan - RMKIF
  • 3rd Place: Keiko Miyamori KenZen - AEUSKF
  • 3rd Place: John Mullin KenZen - AEUSKF
  • Kantosho: Elizabeth Pesek Omaha - SWKIF

Yamaguchi Cup (2 dan and 3 dan)
  • 1st Place: Aram Kailian Shidogakuin - GNEUSKF
  • 2nd Place: Hiroaki Fukumoto Seattle - PNKF
  • 3rd Place: Tomoyuki Hirasawa DFWKIK - SWKIF
  • 3rd Place: Tsuyoshi Nishiura San Jose - NCIA
  • Kantosho: Gunnar Goerlitz Musokai - PNKF

Nakanishi Cup (4 dan and above)
  • 1st Place: Debi Farmer Shindogakuin - GNEUSKF
  • 2nd Place: Paul Shin Shidogakuin - GNEUSKF
  • 3rd Place: Pam Parker KenZen - AEUSKF
  • 3rd Place: Susan Sekreta KenZen - AEUSKF
  • Kantosho: Terry Fukui KenZen - AEUSKF

Congratulations to all medal winners and competitors.

At the examination on June 24, Debi Farmer passed her 6 dan, Kazuhiro Kawashima passed his 4 dan, and Fred Serrichio passed his 2 dan. Congratulations to all.

It was also announced that next year's iaido nationals will be in Omaha, Neb., date to be announced.

Thanks again to the event organizers and all the sensei for their hard work!

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