2012 All Eastern U.S. Kendo Federation Tournament

All Eastern U.S. Kendo Federation tournament, Aug. 19, 2012,
John Jay College, New York City.

Shidogakuin entered a contingent of more than 20 participants in this
year's AEUSKF tournament with great success. The Shidogakuin women's A
Team and men's A Team both clinched third place. The women's A Team
members were Chu Hsiao, Seohee Kong and Christie Eickhoff. The men's A
team members were Aric Lin, Kazuhisa Watanabe, Hiroyuki Inoue, Sean
Ferry and Marvin Kawabata.

In the individual matches, Sean Ferry took third place in the men's 3
dan and above division, Christie Eickhoff took second place in the
women's 1 dan-2 dan division, and Alexandra Ragheb won the title in
the women's kyu division. Congratulations to all the winners and many
thanks to the tournament organizers, including head judge Ebihara
sensei and tournament chairman Kataoka sensei.

--by Paul Shin

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