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At Shidogakuin, we are also committed to teaching children. In addition to beginners classes, Shidogakuin runs a one-week summer camp every August in Bryn Mawr, PA, for both children and adults, under the careful supervision of high-ranking kendo and iaido practitioners.

We are very proud to announce Shidogakuin's Annual Summer Kendo Camp will be held Wednesday, July 31st to Sunday August 4th 2019 at Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr, PA
For the past nineteen years, camp has been a roaring success with 50 campers of all ages practicing hard for 6 days of keiko.  Each day will start with a good morning warm-up... a hearty breakfast....and Za-zen.  At each meal Gasho is stressed... everyone waits until we were all gathered together, then we begin eating.  One or two periods a day will be set aside for swimming in the beautiful lake at the bottom of the camp, supervised by licensed Life Guards.  Everyone looks forward to the evening's varied entertainment.. campfires with songs, marshmallows & stories, adventure hikes, extra Iaido and Kendo no Kata followed by very sound sleep.
We expect at least 50 participants at camp this summer.  Kato Sensei and the full Shidogakuin staff will make camp, again an experience for all to remember.  There will be plenty of good Kendo Geiko again and a planned camp program even more diverse than last year:

  • Iaido Instruction
  • Physical Training
  • Kendo seminars & lectures
  • Kendo no Kata
  • Za-zen
  • Swimming under Accredited Supervision
  • Testing
  • Course End Tournament
  • Closing Party and Campfires

Read the article "Campdo, the Way of Camp" for a perspective on the experience.

Camp registration and check in is at 2:00 p.m. on the first day at the camp.  Most meals will include gohan (rice) and miso soup.  Camper are welcome to bring furikake, nori and ume to go on you rice.  Afternoon practice will begin as soon as everyone is settled in.
Camp List (what not to forget)
Hakama (2 recommended)
Gi (2 recommended)
Shinai (2 recommended)
Tenugui (several)
Gym clothes (T shirts and gym shorts)
Warm-up suit (pants and sweat shirt)
Tennis shoes
ZaButon, cushion or firm pillow for za-zen
Insect Repellent (cutters or off insect & tick)
Shirts and T-shirts
Shorts and Underwear
Pajamas or Sweat suit
Swimming suit
Fishing gear
Sleeping Bag or Bed Linens
Blankets and Pillows
Sunglasses, Sun Screen
Toiletries, Towels, Hand Towel, Wash Cloth, Shampoo & Soap
$20 in $1 bills for Soda and Munchies
New gi and hakama will be available for purchase at camp upon request.

For more infromation contact:

Bella Church
bchurch ( at )

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