Shidogakuin Dojo Listing

Shidogakuin is a Kendo organization that includes many affiliated dojos along the east coast, including: New York City, Connecticut, Florida, New Jersey, Maryland and Washington, DC. Dojo locations are listed below, for more detailed information clik on the dojo name.

Please send all mail to 50 Webster Ave, #2A, New Rochelle, NY 10801

Shidokan New York
265 Madison Avenue, 5th Floor (Entrance on 39th Street)
(entrance reads "Kyokushin-Kai Dojo")
New York City

Hakushikan NJ
Second Reformed Church of New Brunswick
100 College Avenue, 2nd Floor
New Brunswick, NJ

Rutgers Kendo Club
New Brunswick, New Jersey

Genbukan Harrison: Iaido
270 Harrison Avenue
Harrison, NY

Shidokan Harrison: Kendo
Harrison Recreation Center
270 Harrison Avenue
Harrison, NY

Washinkan DC
Two locations in the Washington DC Metro Area:
Rockville, MD
Herndon, VA

Yale University Kendo Club
Payne Whitney Gym, New Haven, CT

Miami Kendo and Iaido Dojo
Shotokan Karate (Sunset Strip Plaza)
10855 SW 72ND Street #15, Miami FL

Two locations in:
Bethesda, MD
Washington, DC

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