Kendo, a lesson with Shozo Kato-Sensei

Translated from the article below:

"You are not holding a wooden stick, you are holding a sword". The philosophy of Kendo told by Shozo Kato.

Last tuesday, the 17th of February, the public gym in via I Maggio was transformed by japanese martial art in a place beyond time. The protagonist was master Shozo Kato, who comes from Japan but is currently living in the United States. Shozo Kato engaged over forty kendo practitioners coming from different cities of Northern Italy. The sensei, who reached the 8th dan in kendo and the 7th dan in iaido, did practical demonstrations. But most importantly he unveiled some secrets of this art. Beside him were other masters, and among them was Salvatore Bellisai, who teach kendo in Cavallasca.

"The posture is important, and equally important is the way you dress. You have to look your opponent in the eye, without rushing to attack him before he does" explained Shozo Kato, underlining the fact that kendo is a way of life before everything else.

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